Wednesday, December 15, 2010

First Post...

There always has to be a first post. This is it. This is an ex-Bike Racer turned Triathlete's blog. It is self indulgent as all blogs are. And apparently if you are a triathlete you have to have a blog. It is apparently not enough to talk about training and racing all the time. A triathlete must subject family and friends to reading about it too. 

About the name:
At this point I've got it titled "Life On and Off the Rivet." That is obviously subject to change, depending on the direction that this thing goes. 

For those that don't know what "Being on the Rivet" means, the title will not have much significance to you. I will do my best to explain.

Back in the day, bike seats had rivets that held a piece of this leather onto the rails. There was no padding. There were rivets in the back and rivets on the nose of the Saddle. 

Generally when you are going as hard as you can on the bike you tend to slide forward onto the nose. Hence the term "Being on the Rivet".  Despite saddles now being made from carbon fiber and super duper outer space technology rivaling that of Tang, we still use the term to describe going all out. 

This is me, more or less, on the Rivet...

There is nothing particularly comfortable about being on the rivet. For one thing you are literally riding going full out with a saddle shoved right up your bum.  You are sitting on parts that aren't meant to be sat on, all the while seeing spots because your heart rate is somewhere near its maximum. But the best part is knowing that the guy on your wheel is hurting and you are the one applying the hurt. That's the fun part..

Part of the purpose of this is to talk about training and give race reports all without subjecting all my friends on facebook to constant updates about yardage, miles, and saddle sores. I'm sure there will also be musings about how good I was back in the day and how all these young guys don't have a clue. Life on the Rivet So to Speak.

The other part is about life in general. Good food, good friends, and this incredible place I'm so fortunate to live in. Life is truly about balance. I definitely enjoy my time off the Rivet.